Daniel Norris, Van Man

Daniel Norris, future of the Toronto Blue Jays

Daniel Norris, pitcher, future of the Toronto Blue Jays

Daniel Norris is a pitcher. For the sake of my sanity, let’s assume I made the expected catcher comment. I know I made it in my own head. People could drown in the pond forming in my panties.

That said, this guy is fascinating.Looking at a future absolutely soaked to the nines with money, and he keeps himself in a $10,000 van in the parking lot of a local Wal-Mart. He’s dedicated to living a life he considers worthy, something hard enough to find in the modern world. He’s clearly not spending his life chasing the almighty dollar, not content seeking admiration and idol-worship. He’s just a man who throws a ball exceedingly well.

“Research the things you love,” he wrote one night. “Gain knowledge. It’s valuable.”

“Be kind. Be courteous. Love others and be happy. It’s that simple.”

Seems he lives life exceedingly well, too.