About SVD

If you’re intentionally reading an “About” page on a website, you should rightly be asking and demanding answers for two questions: Who are you, and why should I care about what you have to say?

We are not educated well enough to perform the necessary act of intelligently selecting our leaders.

– Walter Cronkite

Would that we always demanded those answers, journalism would be an industry Walter Cronkite would actually recognize as one he spent his life in, rather than the corporate-dominated, partisan groups, presenting opinions as facts, and maintaining audience by fabricating two-sided arguments for the sake of loud noises and ratings. How many people suddenly become experts in wholly-unrelated fields if they have “Reverend” or “Doctor” or “Senator” in front of their names? I wonder why we are always so impressed by titles. I have none.

What I am is a curious person who is intending to write more. It’s not that complicated. I plan to write on a variety of topics, and when I discuss them, I hope that I illustrate when I am presenting facts and when I am presenting opinion–and I hope that you, as a thoughtful reader, discriminate and weigh value against the utility of each of the options. I’m going to go out of my way to never conflate the two. And while I enjoy collecting and sharing the opinions of others, I don’t intend to use this as a space to fill up with link-soup in the hopes of driving up my own traffic. If I quote someone in any length, I intend to make the citation obvious.

You might be wondering what my political affiliation is. It seems to be a common enough question, though less-so in my little hamlet of Denver, Colorado. If that doesn’t answer the question sufficiently, then I’ll say I’m socially very liberal and fiscally moderate. I tend to agree mostly with the Democratic Party in direction, though it’s rare that I feel they go far enough. I’ve had some political cover from Republican platforms in the past, but their complete control by their radical wings has made any cooperation I have with them limited; for every single step they take in moderate fiscal laws, it seems to come attached to some ridiculous faith-based initiative that has no right being voted on to begin with. And twelve others follow. Government grinds to a halt because of the temper tantrums of a crew of men and women who have been systematically lied to for the thirty years since Ronald Reagan first merged his party with the red-hatted neo-conservative Religious Right.

But politics really isn’t the only thing I want to discuss here, even if it ends up a conversation with myself. I am a software engineer by trade, presently, have been in that field for over 15 years now. So I might talk about programming. I’ll be sure to put any big chunks after excerpts, on the off-chance you’re not at all interested. I’m a big gamer, so that’ll come up. I enjoy discussing physics and astrophysics, though science in general will likely come up. I shy from commenting too much on the hyped-up stories that have a shelf-life of meaning that must be traced in moments. I still somewhat revere the Internet, and do not intend to fill it with garbage that won’t have value next year–I try to be more far-thinking in my opinions than just next week.

I’m also a proud gay man living with my equally proud fiancee, living one of those dream-lives (save the children, pets, and land-ownership, none of which really interest us).

I suppose the rest will simply come out in the telling. I’ll make sure to make contact with me something that is possible, though I’ll probably never allow direct commenting. I find the anonymity to bring out the worst in people, and I’ve seen this model successful elsewhere. I intend to engage with anyone who wants to engage, but I’d like to do so in a civil way, and in a way that won’t invite grand-standing or attention-seeking.